Providing new digitial sales channels

Meet the SPAYT Team

Matthias Scharf

Highly experienced Digitization and Engagment Expert, Technology Geek

Uma Ilango

IT Expert, Engineer and Product Director

Raoul Müller

Venture capital Lawyer, entrepreneur in IT, E-commerce, Logistics

Ruxandra Prodan

Marketing & Sales Development Guru

Andrea Lenz

Project Delivery
Project management solution expert

Ashish Kumar

Lead App Dev
Highly experienced app developer

Teo Dumitrescu

Head of IT
Result oriented IT professional

Yudhi Rahadian

IOT Expert
Highly experienced IOT architect

Mircea Dumitrescu

App tester with experience on all major platforms

Cosmin Comes

Graphic Designer
Senior graphic designer with 9+ years of experience

Andrei Cosovanu

Senior Dev
Full-stack developer with 12+ years of experience

Silviu Jidovu

Marketing Specialist
Passionate about performance and driven by quality and results.

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