Skyrocket your sales with SPAYT

The Mobile Sales Platform for Retail and Service Providers

SPAYT provides new digitial sales channels

Digitize your business in 10 minutes


Sell online everywhere

Via Print Media, QR Codes, E-Mail and Social Media.


Automated billing

Billing service integrated and automated.


Self-service non-stop

All year round, 24h self-service. No hidden fees.

How it works:

Customer scans a product

Customer pays with one click

Business receives payment

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Scan the Barcode with your Phone to support SPAYT with 5,10 €

Optimize your payment process

Increase and automate sales

Increase your sales via a QR Code generated by SPAYT on your Smart Phone and get paid online for your transactions.

SPAYT enables you to automate your ordering, payments and sales. Digitalize your sales channels, even if your business is offline.

A virtual POS combined with powerful and interactive Marketing tools for Merchants, no matter where your business is located.

Run your business the way YOU want

Accept ALL payment methods (ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal or any card)

No extra hardware needed other than a smartphone


Upload your products and services to start selling now


Optional consumer app regis­tration or QR code-based sales.


Fast & free imple­mentation. Cost-effective transaction fees


Direct customer engagement also outside of business hours

Book one of our packages and start selling right away

If you wish to benefit from a world-class, bespoke service and prefer have to your implementation done by experts, select a plan:

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Scan the Barcode with your Phone to support SPAYT with 5,10 €