What is Spayt ?

Tired of searching, downloading and registering each time you want a new app ?

On demand, Spayt shows you all offers around you. The GPS allows Spayt to show you products and services where you are, when you need it. No more searching, downloading and registering of another app. Just use Spayt and buy everything through one app.

Use case restaurant:

You want to have lunch with your buddies from work, but do not have much time ? you do not want to order-in but go out and sit-down in a nice place without losing time waiting for the waitress to take the order and afterwards to bring the bill ?

Open Spayt on your smartphone or tablet. Based on where you are, we show you all available menu options. Order and pay them through Spayt and you will enjoy a relaxed lunch. You just come-in, sit down, your lunch will be ready by then, enjoy the food. Your bill will automatically be deducted from your credit card. The bill will be stored in your Spayt account, ready to be uploaded and send to your accountant, if needed.

Use case transport:

You want to buy a ticket while standing in Wien, Paris or Berlin on the subway track ? But you do not want to lose time, searching, downloading and registering to the respective transport company in order to buy the ticket online. Open Spayt on your smartphone or tablet: we see where you are and understand what you need: we show you all ticket options, regardless where you are and you can buy everything through one App: Spayt.

Use case parking slot:

Are you also sometimes struggling to get the ticket from the machine in order to open the gate because you stopped the car too far away ? On your way back, you notice that you need to return to the ground floor where the cash machine stands in order to pay your ticket, because there is none on your level ? Open Spayt on your smartphone or tablet, we show you the parking options based on where you are. You chose the parking slot, check-in and your stay will automatically debited from your credit card. Drive in, enjoy your stay and drive out. No more paying through the cash machine or other hardware or plastic cards on your windshield.

Our Team

Matthias Scharf

Highly experienced Project Management Expert xxx

Uma Ilango

IT Expert, Engineer and Product Director

Tobias Jörk

Digital media expert with 16 years of experience

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Frequently asked

Spayt is a free site and will never require that you pay to continue using the site. If you choose to use Spayt from your mobile phone, keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for any fees associated with internet usage and/or text messaging as determined by your mobile carrier.

You can download Spayt through the App store or Google Play.

Spayt is available for iOS after spring 2017 and early 2018 for Android.

Spayt will be available for Windows from 2018 onwards.

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